Vic Leggott

Jabiru Owner/Kitplane Builder in the UK

Vic Leggott  email

Jabiru Aircraft covers and Accessories

AK cobra  underconstruction

and building a ' Sumo Cobra' replica Car under construction

Custom built Instrument panels Building a Rans S-6 Coyote under construction

 Jabiru Owners Site
Building a MK26 Spitfire under construction

  Qualified ADI 

Driving instructor in the Cambridge area.

Learner drivers, disqualification renewal training etc.

Pass plus training for newly qualified drivers





Luscombe Silvaire 8E 1946

Auster J/1A Autocrat 1946

Pegasus XL

Working on Jabirus (all models since introduction to the UK)

Experienece on many aircraft types, Metal, tube and fabric, fibreglass

I've set up and run the internationally acclaimed Jabiru Owners web site, to assist builders :


  Jabiru SK

Complete instrument panel service. Painted plug and play panels custom built exactly to your specification with helpful advice.
Experienced on :

Rans, Jabiru SK/SP/SPL/UL (430 and 450) and Jabiru J400, J430 MK26 Spitfire, Vans

PFA approved Jabiru test pilot - all types
Custom work undertaken, including fitting of Jabiru wing fold kits, landing lights etc.


Kit Cars



Classic cars, 

complete nut and bolt restorations


UK Jabiru Aircraft types

  • Jabiru SK - Short wing short Fus - 430kg mauw -GroupA
  • Jabiru SP - Short wing long Fus - 470kg mauw -GroupA
  • Jabiru SPL 430 and 450 - Long wing long Fus - 430kg/450kg mauw - GroupA
  • Jabiru UL 430 and 450 - Long wing, long Fus 430kg/450kg mauw - Ultralight
  • Jabiru Calypso 450 - L. wing, L. Fus bigger tail / winglets 450kg mauw - Ultralight
  • Jabiru J160 2 seater - mauw 540kg -GroupA
  • Jabiru J400 4 seater - mauw 700kg -GroupA
  • Jabiru J430 4 seater L.wing - mauw 700kg -GroupA

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